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This is part of a series of occasional articles on common problems in primary care An elderly man says he cannot hear properly and the problem has been worsening for a few months.Ear wax is a sticky substance produced naturally to help clean, lubricate and protect your ears.Saving me quite a bit on doing something myself that I would normal have to pay a medical clinic a significant amount to achieve the same results.The ear wax has both lubricating and antibacterial properties.

Although scientists are still not completely sure why we have earwax, it does trap dust and other small particles and prevent them from reaching, and.Normally, he is a sociable man, so he is frustrated and depressed.

So, if you are someone who is struggling with ear problems, you must know about different ear wax removal methods.

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Ear wax helps to protect your ears from foreign bodies, bacteria and acts as a defence for your ears.

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Although ear wax is a natural substance that helps protect the ear and ear canal, sometimes it builds up, causing hearing difficulties or discomfort.Usually, soon after serving its purpose, the already-present ear wax is pushed out of the ear.Clearing out the excess wax buildup in our ears is something we all do regularly as part of our normal hygienic routine.Ear wax normally makes its way to the opening of the ear where it can be washed away.

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You may need to take antibiotics and painkillers along with antibiotic ear drops.I put put Debrax, an ear wax removal, in my eye by mistake Thought it was thera-tears It is basically a peroxide base It - Answered by a verified Eye Doctor.Well, we are presenting this review to make your life super easier and less painful for the best ear wax removal kit.Generally, your ears make just enough wax to protect the ear canal from water and infection.Ear wax, also called cerumen, is made by the body to protect the ears.Our doctors are all Fellows of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and have many years of experience in general medicine and surgical procedures.

Earwax, also known by the medical term cerumen, is a gray, orange, or yellowish waxy substance secreted in the ear canal of humans and other mammals.

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The medical term for the ear wax is the cerumen, it occurs automatically in the outer ear canal.Read on to know how to remove ear wax blockage safely and the various ways available to do so.Although ear wax production is natural, hearing aid users are far more susceptible to wax buildup than others.

The ear wax plays the key role of safeguarding ear from external pollutants like dust, dirt and even bacteria.Ear wax (also spelled as one word: earwax) is a yellowish, waxy substance called cerumen, and it is produced by glands in the ear canal.

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